Monday, January 18, 2010

AVON orders

I have been an AVON Independent Sales Representative for only a few months now and love it..since being laid off, my days were pretty quite. So to get back in the swing of things I thought why not AVON. My husband was very supportive and probably thought great she will be doing something..hahah..Well I have to tell you, I love the products, probably have tried just about all of them. hah.. and I have met such nice people doing this.

Well today is the day I submit my AVON orders..(every two weeks) I love this day.hahah. I realized something as I put this order in today.. I really do love the AVON products. So I will tell you about some today..In my order today, I ordered something different.. for me. of course, I ordered a new purse, a pair of really nice brown shoes and a watch..yes. I am excited. Of course I ordered my usual demos to show my customers.. I love those. They are new items that will come out in the catalog in the near future. I am excited. I have a new fragrance coming and a new skin so soft product. (because I cannot get enough of those). I also have a new nailpolish and blush for my daughter. I am a bit addicted to ordering the new products and now that I think about it the old ones too.. hahah. I have to admit they are really good. The ones I think you all should have are the
Skin So Soft products for the winter such as:

Skin So Soft Bath Oil.. (ok this really does work) I get the pink one and put it on a bath puff instead of in the bath.. love it. One of my customers doubles her orders of this when on sale and really sold me on it.. hahah. She was so cute and convinced me to get a bottle.. she was right. It does make your skin so soft...ahhaha. The other ones I like are:

Skin so Soft Body lotion..,Skin so Soft Body Gell, Skin so Soft Hand Lotions.. renew and refresh age defying.. ooh that is nice especially for the cold weather months put it on before you go to bed.. works very good; Skin So Soft wintersoft intense concentrate (great); Skin So Soft wintersoft handwash.. love this in all the bathrooms...
A new product coming out now is the skin so soft wintersoft polishing bady wash... so nice.. with shea butter and vitamin E. has little exfoliating beads in it. I really like this one.

Ok I guess you know now that I love this stuff..hahah. It is also so reasonable in price. Try this link to browse a new catalog. Hope you enjoy it.
Try them and let me know.. I think you will love them also.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Funny Grandson Stories...

One of my favorite things in life is listening to my daughter tell me stories of my twin 7 year old grandsons. Lisa has been blessed with the funniest two kids ever, as well as god gave Lisa a great sense of humor and lot of patience...(she needs it).

This weeks favorite story, and there are many.. Lisa said, they had one of those nights when the boys were just in a mood that we will call very SILLY.. laughing hysterically at each other.. Things were not going too good. Well Lisa went in her room a flipped on the light, which also controls the ceiling fan.. The boys had put a box of 100 straws on the fan guessed it 100 straws covered her room..It was raining straws.. now as a grandma, I found this hysterical, as well as pretty ingenious. Although I wouldn't have wanted to clean that up.. Needless to say, it was an early to bed night for the twins..oh my. You have to love them.

I have a feeling my grandson Daniel will go on to be an engineer. Another night when Lisa was sleeping, she got up to go to the rest room in the middle of the night. Opened the bathroom door which was boobie trapped by a guitar and various other objects and doors through out the apartment..She said, all you heard was bang boom bang.. as every item was attached.. Of course the boys thought this was the funniest thing ever.. and when Lisa came out of the rest room, it was reset.. to happen again.. Now that is funny..I love those kids..For Mothers of Twin Boys I give you a big high five.. you also will get a medal I believe in heaven..hahah. Lisa probably could write a book... and I am hoping she does one day..and until then I will keep you posted on first things first..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

First Things First

Hi my name is Diane and I am currently living in Texas. I am married with two children, 2 step children and 3 beautiful grandsons..I am doing this blog honestly because my daughter thought it would be a good idea..So here I am.

This past year has been a bit of a challenge for me... First things first...I was laid off from my job of 12 years as an event planner this past April...which I very much enjoyed and was broken hearted about.. So for the past 8 mos. I have been at home. Some days thinking, Ok.. I love staying home after 25 years of working.. then the time started flying by and I realized noo I think I need to go back to work.. hahah.... My Dog Lilly a little westie, on the other hand seemed to think it was her lucky day and for the past eight months she has been pretty much under my feet.. always..

When I was first unemployed I spent a bit of time thinking of things I would like to do..what I always wanted to do when I was working. like read, learn another language, join a gym, have my own event business, and so on an so on... well... here is what I did do.. I have read a number of books.. I have started to meditate, sometimes, I like to cook, and have tried some new recipes.. also have eaten all of them gaining a lot of weight.hahah, I did start my own business, AVON, and I did start an online Italian Language course.. not so bad..(although I haven't gotten too far on learning Italian..)I did some crafts.. greeting cards, and reconnected with my life long best friend Barbara.. So these are the things I, reading, relaxing, anything Italian, family,brother, sister in law, niece and all my nephews.. and my best friend Barbara..So I will write and tell you about them on my blog and hope you will enjoy it..I will keep you posted.. But I won't be doing all of the things I like to do much during the day anymore, since I might be going back to work soon.. but First things first...